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MesajSubiect: .Kai.   Joi Aug 07, 2008 1:26 pm

Real name: Uke Yutaka
Position: Drums
Birthday: 28-10-1981
Birthplace: Tokushima
Blood Type: B
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Colors: black, red, white, blue, silver, gold
Hobbies: cooking, soccer, collecting Zippos
Brand: Custom Culture
Cigarette: Red Marlboro Box
Family: Parents
Animals: dog, tiger, alligator/crocodile
Ring size: 19 - 21
Favorite brand : Custom culture, Justin Davis and TENDERLOIN
Favorite drink : apple juice
Piercings: 2 left ear
Favorite type: friendly
Disliked type: a person who is hiding behind other people
Previous Bands: Mareydi†Creia

[[Random Facts]]
+loves cooking and to play football
+collects zippos (lighters that work with gas)
+on his report card as a child, it was often written that he was “a good and energetic child”
+likes cabbage, mayonnaise and bananas, hates eggplant and taro-root
+got his driving licence on January 6th
+likes to drink apple juice (prefers it to alcohol)
+wanted to be a football player as a kid
+used to work in a restaurant and as a cleaner
+was put into a hospital once because of a high fever
+PJs: naked
+favorite season: winter (because he likes Christmas)
+shoesize: 26cm/10.23 inches
+eyesight: bad

aici puteti posta pareri, informatii sau pe scurt tot ce are legatura cu kai(inafara de prea multe imagini, pentru asta cred ca exista topicu cu imagini)
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Mesaje : 420
Data de înscriere : 11/05/2008
Varsta : 27
Localizare : It's secret

MesajSubiect: Re: .Kai.   Vin Sept 12, 2008 9:42 am

It tells about Kai with a member.

What is your first impression of Kai?

Ruki: Different from the feelings of now, I thought he was gloomy.
Reita: I don’t know him much yet as the same as Kai doesn’t know us. (laugh) It was like he’d stop talking suddenly.
Uruha: I thought he was a complicated person. My common knowledge is 180゜different from his. Wasn’t it basic to greet when you first meet someone? But Kai only gave me a glimpse. And then I heard he thought I was supporting technician after that, HOW RUDE(失礼きわまりないmeans unlimitedly rude)! I had greeted him properly!
May be he was just shy?
Uruha: Well, that would be fine if that’s the case, but I was shocked.
Aoi: I also thought that he was someone who couldn’t greet properly.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: Well……I surrender. (sweat)

What are Kai’s strong and weak points?

Ruki: The good point is that he has a nice personality and can calm the atmosphere. The weak point is that he forgets stuff everywhere, though I don’t have the point to speak of him myself. (laugh)
Reita: I will start from the weak point. There is some problem with his brain in summary, I can’t even find a word to describe his forgetfulness. We have asked him if he forgot something before and he answered “No”, but actually he did forget something secretly. Forgot to lock the car’s door when going to the convenience store for example, it’s just unforgivable. The good point is that he is easy to bully and he won’t get angry after that. [Does that really count as a virtue? *sweat*]
Uruha: Virtues……I think there is a lot of him but I preferred his tenderness.
Reita: If there is a lot (of virtues) just name some of them now?
Uruha: Well, It’s hard. But Kai has always been gentle.
Uruha: He sold game boy advance to me with half price for example.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: ………….(smirk)
Reita: Sweet! Is that a new one?
Ruki: Cheers to tender Uruha kun. [It said Uruha here, but I think Ruki should mean Kai actually.]
Uruha: And he will be my game competitor too. But his shortcoming is doesn’t understand me. He won’t agree with me even after I told him about what I think.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: That’s not true……
Aoi: The good point is, he will give his best to help the others no matter he can make it or not. The weak point is…he said he would come to my home because it’s late at night, that’s fine, but he just used my computer and even forgot my existence.

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Kai kun?

Ruki: Please don’t forget your moral of hardworking. And you often stay overnight at my home, please sleep properly on the sheets[tatami]. It must hurts the waist to sleep on the floor. He doesn’t listen to me even I told him, “It will get sick.” Please understand my care.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: (nodding)
Reita: Aren’t we the member of rhythm team? Please work hard together to become the best partner.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: PEACE!
Reita: We all love Kai after saying this and that. But there is only one thing that we want him stop doing, that’s the band……
All: (laughter burst out)
※Extra – Kai’s expression: Please let me think about it……(murmuring + smirk)
Just joking Kai kun! Everybody just likes teasing you.
All: (nodding + grin)
Reita: Kai’s fan must be angry with me if I keep bullying him like this, but please understand it’s only pranks. Kai makes other people feel for loving him.
Uruha: Please don’t forget your hardworking. Thank you for always. It’s like Kai is living by instinct.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: (smiling shyly)
Uruha: He is always the pioneer among the member no matter how troublesome the matter is. Really thank you.
Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
Ruki: I just said Kai is working desperately(一生懸命means working as if you bet your life on it). I want to know if you are really working so hard or that is another reason.
Kai: I am always hardworking.
Ruki: That’s great.
Reita: Well……can’t we have another drummer? [Rei chan you are so mean! ><]
All: (guffaw)
Please ask something other than this. (laugh)
Reita: Kai has always been forging himself, or let say he is being harsh on himself. I think that’s pretty cool of his hardworking secretly all behind of us. Here’s the question. I want to know if Kai always do running ?
You do running?
Kai: Yes, everyday.
Reita: The same with muscle training?
Kai: Yes. But please don’t say it in front of everyone!
Reita: (ignoring)
Uruha: Kai set fire at my home unsuccessfully last time. I would like to know the reason of that. Shouldn’t we trust each other as members, I want to know the reason why Kai wanted to burn down his member’s home.
Kai: I don’t wan to say something pointless, but I didn’t intend to set fire.
You can’t tell of the reason?
Kai: Wait a minute. That’s only a mistake.

So it was not on purpose?

Kai: That’s right.
Uruha: Give me back my days in shock horror. (sob)
All: (laugh)
Ruki: That’s the problem.
Kai: What is that~~~~? Please believe meeeeeeee. It’s not fair.
It seems Kai didn’t mean to set the fire. What about Aoi san?
Aoi: Please don’t mess up my house when you come.
Kai: I will keep notice of that.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?

Ruki: He will be much more scrupulous. I think he is breezier
when we are all together.
Reita: He will always look at me.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: Don’t say something weird~~~~
Reita: Kai always calls me “Rei chan, Rei chan.” when it’s only two of us, which is a little disgusting. (laugh). But we are friends who can talk everything with the others, I hope we can go on like this forever.
Uruha: He won’t talk with me if we can’t find topics.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: Isn’t that the same with everyone? (self-murmuring)
Uruha: If Kai sits beside me when I am driving, he will say a lot to keep me awake.
Aoi: When I am driving and Kai sitting beside me, we will chat a lot quietly because the others are sleeping and the conversation won’t last long. I don’t know if it is tedious to talk with me, but there are times that our conversation can’t last.
Ruki: May it be boring?
Aoi: I made him feel uneasy?
Reita: What? That’s bad, Kai is a nice person.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: (looking depressed)
Aoi: He is a good person actually.
Is there anything that Kai want to say after hearing this?
Kai: I think I have better understanding of everyone’s feelings. (tears)
What makes you feel cool of Kai recently?
Ruki: He will start working right after he has the idea.
Reita: It seems he is working hard on the drums recently. He even go practicing at the studio just by himself. How aggressive!
Uruha: I asked him what kind of drummer he is before, and he said he is the type that dislikes attention. I told him, “Isn’t that good to have some appeal?” And he said he is bad at that. But he has got more fascination recently. He doesn’t look like just part of the stage anymore.
Aoi: He has been more serious about drums than before. And he is working really hard. I can’t give in to him neither.

At last, please say a sentence to Kai.

Reita: We have said a lot of this and that, but it’s just because we all like Kai kun.
All: Kai kun is loved.
※Extra – Kai’s expression: (smiling shyly and giving a happy grinning face to everyone.)
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