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MesajSubiect: Reita   Joi Aug 07, 2008 1:24 pm

Real name: Suzuki Akira
Position: Bass
Birthday: 27-05-1981
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: A
Height: 172cm
Weight: 55kg
Colors: purple, red, white
Hobbies: watching movies
Brand: Cropped head, Lock
Cigarette: Mild Seven Lights
Family: Mother, grandmother, older sister
Animals: parrot
Ring size: 17
Favorite brand: Deal Design, King Mob Tenderloin, Anticlass
Favorite drink: Lifeguard
Favorite movie: Face Off
Favorite manga: Initial D
Piercings: 1 left ear, 1 right ear
Favorite type: feminine, mature
Disliked type: people who swear a lot
Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

[[Random Facts]]
+favorite manga: Initial D
+wanted to be a football player as a kid
+likes Kit Kats and spaghetti, hates vegetables, mushrooms and kai
+hates Kai’s cooking but can’t cook himself
+collects DVDs and everything that has something to do with the Sex Pistols
+used to work in a bread shop and a sweet shop
+PJs: underwear
+favorite season: spring
+eyesight: 1.5
+shoesize: 26cm/10.23 inches

aici puteti posta pareri, informatii sau pe scurt tot ce are legatura cu reita (inafara de prea multe imagini, pentru asta cred ca exista topicu cu imagini)
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Mesaje : 420
Data de înscriere : 11/05/2008
Varsta : 27
Localizare : It's secret

MesajSubiect: Re: Reita   Vin Sept 12, 2008 9:44 am

What is your first impression of Reita?
Aoi: I can’t recall anything. We were not as closed as now, not much memory back then.
Uruha: I joined the soccer club when I was in year 2. Reita joined in year 4 [In a current interview, Reita said they have been friends for around 15 years!]. He was in small size back then. With black hair and don’t know why he always pout.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: There’s nothing to do with the lips!
Uruha: And there was another good friend called KAKI chan. They are one big and one small so Reita was being called “the smaller one”. And I found him very good at joking when we talked, my first impression of him is like “Isn’t he fun.”
Kai: I was introduced to him by Ruki. I thought he was some gloomy person.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: Liar! I have talked with you.
Ruki: When Reita talked about his first impression in my session, didn’t he said I didn’t go home with them? I want to explain myself here, I couldn’t anything of it.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: WHAT?
Uruha: Ruki has said nothing yet. Just go on.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: “What’s that. Just Annoying. I don’t care……” was murmuring himself.

What are Reita’s strong and weak points?
Aoi: The good point is, he is good at cheering people up when we are all frustrated. The bad point is, his motivation is low. There is a little bit different of him when in live.
Uruha: The good point is, he will stand on himself whatever happened. And his bad point may has something to do with his A blood type. When I said “shouldn’t it be this because of that”, he wouldn’t listened to me at all. He would just say “So what will you do?”. And when I listened to him I found him just changed my sentences. I thought it’s better to answer people after listening to them, so I hope he can just listen to me.
Kai: He is really good at detecting the atmosphere. [天下一品means the first in the world. Kai tried to flatter Reita here.] He’s keen on understanding people just by the look.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: “That’s right.” Having a smile on his face.
Kai: The bad point is, he’d like to solve disagreements by hands. He just like bullying me when I can’t reply properly. But if I stand on a good point, he will disturb me by hands. When I saw that and said “Hands disturbing again?” then he would really came attacking me. (laugh)
Ruki: The good point is, it’s very interesting to talk with him. I can always find words to keep on his conversation. About the bad point, it was Uruha’s birthday event some days ago, of course we are celebrating for him but Reita wanted presents himself as well. Is he just jealous or he is impudent?
※Extra – Reita’s expression: What? Like all’s my faults anyway. (sweat)
Ruki: Well, it’s just things like that.

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Reita?
Aoi: Aren’t we both standing on the right hand side of the stage? When I was standing in front of the stage I felt him came and push me aside. What should I do if I want to come in front?
Uruha: I want to say he always consider to much and I think sometimes he just do it over. And of course these do reflect on the matter of the band. Please don’t gives up in the middle, try to finish it up.
Kai: Say it in a good way, he is good at associating with people. But in a bad way, he is quite self-centered.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: Staring
Uruha: True, true. Sometimes he said he was going to invite people, but the person who came next day said it was like a torture.
All: nodding.
Ruki: He said I had messed up his house before, but he also messed up mine. I told him quietly you shouldn’t do it to the others if you dislike that yourself too. But he just attacked me, I am still a little bit afraid of speaking him now. (smirk)
※Extra – Reita’s expression: Staring at Ruki.
Ruki: The feeling now is quite uncomfortable as well.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
Aoi: In live, we are both standing on the right…… Umm, it’s hard to say. Reita will complain about it again. No, I don’t have anything want to know. (smirk) It’s good enough to perform like before.
Uruha: He has became manneristic recently. There’s lots of chance that we go home together, but he just didn’t talk to me. I thought he don’t want to talk with me.
Reita: Well, I don’t really understand which is the fact. Uruha didn’t talk as well. He seemed in a bad mood when the car came pick him up in the morning and he just complain about the others. I want to say loudly that “Aren’t you the same!”.
Uruha: Well, keep your eyes open when you are driving!
Wait a minute, it’s not good to have quarrels here. Please go on happily.
Uruha & Reita: Okay~~~
Kai: My question is much more urgent. May I work along with you as the rhythm team? I have said a lot before but I really don’t have much confidence.
Reita: What? It’s all my fault with everything happened and not happened. It’s just annoying that everyone want to take their revenge!
Kai: He got pissed off already, then just forget it. (smirk)
Reita: WHAT!
Kai: My question is ended and you don’t need to answer that. If I make you angry, I will just follow after you quietly. (smile)
Ruki: I always thought, Reita always say something the same to me when I visit his home. He will say like “want to eat something” or “are you hungry”.
Uruha: Err? May be he always asked if Ruki was hungry because he was hungry himself?
All: Looking at Reita
※Extra – Reita’s expression: lower his head.
Ruki: I will be in a bad mood when I am hungry. But that just happened once in our old band times. Although it just happened once, I would always buy 2 burgers when I started to get hungry. Eat one immediately and left one to have it later. But I found it gone later, I got hungry already by then.
Uruha: That’s something strange……(laugh)
Ruki: Therefore…Please listen to me. I was really hungry and I don’t have any money with me. I was looking forward to the burger and found it gone. Can you understand my feeling? I could just go to sleep without the burger. And Reita will still ask me “Got angry? Are you hungry?”. I just want to know what do you mean.
Reita: Well……I am just joking.
Ruki: But Reita keep on saying that for more than 2 years!
Uruha: I can understand Reita’s thinking pattern now. But isn’t that just fine to get something to eat when hungry?
Ruki: I want to say, I would have said it myself when I am hungry, don’t need to worry about me.
Reita: I am sorry, may be I just use the wrong method to show my caring.
Ruki: And there’s nothing to do with my anger.
Reita: I am really sorry about that.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
Aoi: I still don’t have the chance to be just with him. Although I stayed overnight at his home before, but we didn’t talk at all. I even thought I have been to the wrong house. When I went home, I was friends with his family but not Reita’s.
All: laugh
Uruha: Well, he like to be half joking in his talk. I have been friends with him for such a long time, I just know about his gentleness well enough.
※Extra – Reita’s expression: Thank You!
Uruha: Well, we have said lots of horrible things of him, but actually he is much more gentle that that, please look after him.
Kai: When it comes to me, he treats me all the same with the others around or not.
That’s really nice of him.
Ruki: When we have the same topic, he will chat very passionately with me. For example, if Reita bought the DVD of his favourite artists, he would come show it to me very happily.

What makes you feel cool of Reita recently?
Aoi: He gets really serious when it come to music.
Uruha: He is very easily affected by the others. If he met some cool bands, he will have changed in some dedicated ways.
Kai: Ummm? It seems there’s some changes with his clothing style.
Ruki: I am like the others giving an “OH” when I see changes in his clothing style. His wearing was rather rigid before, not as causal as nowadays. I was very shocked to see him wearing his silver necklace out.

At last, please say a sentence to Reita.
Kai: I love you!
Uruha: Love you, too!
Aoi: Yeah. Right.
Ruki: Ahahaha
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