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MesajSubiect: Uruha   Joi Aug 07, 2008 1:22 pm

Real name: Takashima Kouyou
Birthday: 9-06-1981
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: O
Height: 177cm
Weight: 62kg
Colors: purple, grey
Hobbies: billiard, pachinko, bowling, soccer
Brand: PPFM, Dokomo
Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light
Family: Parents, two older sisters
Animals: dog, polar bear, penguin, domestic duck
Ring size: 19
Favorite brand: PPFM ,CHROME HEARTS, Rude gallery
Perfume: Gucci Rushes, Bvlgari
Piercings: 4 right ear, 5 left ear
Favorite type: gentle, mature
Previous Bands: Karasu, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

[[Random Facts]]
+loves to play football and billiard and to bowl
+loves to challenge people on his Gameboy Advanced
+wanted to be a football player as a kid
+hates olives
+good at cooking Taco rice
+PJs: t-shirt and boxers
+used to work in a vegetable shop
+favorite season: spring (because it’s warm)
+collects rings, perfume and accessories
+eyesight for right eye is 0.3, for left eye 0.7
+shoesize: 27.5cm/10,82 inches

aici puteti posta pareri, informatii sau pe scurt tot ce are legatura cu uruha (inafara de prea multe imagini, pentru asta cred ca exista topicu cu imagini)
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Mesaje : 420
Data de înscriere : 11/05/2008
Varsta : 27
Localizare : It's secret

MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Vin Sept 12, 2008 9:32 am

What is your first impression of Uruha?

Ruki: His face looked gentle, but I though he was a big brother of heavy metal.
Kai: It was just the first impression anyway.
Yeah, right.
Kai: I thought he was lack of personality charm.
All: (laughter)
Kai: Actually, I thought he was a supporting technician and Aoi was the solo guitarist.
Reita: I have known him for a long time. We met each other at the suburb soccer club. My first impression of him is just “what a blushing”. (laugh)
Aoi: I first met Uruha among the other members. I was waiting him at my friend’s home and I heard the door opened. When I turned around I saw a heavy metal guy standing there. That’s my first impression.
※Extra – Uruha’s expression: What’s that?! You guys! (grumbling himself)

What are Uruha’s strong and weak points?

Ruki: The good point is that he acts like a big brother, and that’s what he so-called himself as well. (laugh) And he is gentle too. The weak point is that he forgets what he said very soon. I hope he can take the responsibility of his own words.
Reita: What is this? Stand on yourself!
Ruki: But Uruha is looking here through the sunglasses. (smirk)
Kai: He is someone very passionate with music. When it’s just the two of us, “I am just like this! I think on that way!”, he will speak of himself seriously. “Do like this! Should do like that!” It’s good to always be the pioneer. And the weak point is……
Reita: Kai kun, be tough! What are you afraid of? [Uruha seems terrified to the others…]
Kai: Okay, I’ll try my best. (sweat) It’s awful that he is stubborn and will not change his idea.
Ruki: God! You said it loud. (laugh)
Reita: Good point is, don’t judge by his appearance, he is actually a hardworking person. About the weak point, didn’t he said I am too talkative and don’t listen to him at all in my interview? But he is also just talking of himself all the time.
Ruki: Oh, no. We are now turning into a malicious talk.
Aoi: The good point is he can talk a lot with me about music without hesitation. And the bad point is just like the others said, he is a little impetuous. And I like to drink slowly, but Uruha get drunk very soon and go teasing people.

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Uruha?

Ruki: He is a nice person indeed. But why must he dug out things from ages to speak of? [See Ruki’s interview part] And everytime I go to his home, he will make me watch our first live video.
All: (laugh)
Ruki: It really made my stomach twist by watching that, so I told him everytime that I don’t want to watch that. But then he would have that brilliant big smile on his face, and I felt so melancholy. I hope he can throw that away.

It can be done by giving it to the manager?

Ruki: That’s also…disturbing…It’d be the best to let me keep it.
Kai: I hope he can have more interest in me. No matter what I talked to him, I found his face was just emotionless. It would be fine to tell me “It’s boring” if he felt like that, but he had no reaction at all.
Reita: Ahh! I am so sorry for that. How come Uruha has no interest in Kai? I am sorry if he said something bad, Kai kun. I will talk about this with him.
Kai: I will count on you then~~~
Reita: May be Uruha is too self-paced. And it takes him so long in the shower, it takes long time to dry his hair, long, long, long, why is everything takes him so long?
All: (nodding)
Aoi: Uruha and Kai were playing games beside me when I was writing songs. Actually it doesn’t matter that they were playing games. But Uruha would keep talking about the games with Kai kun when I was working seriously beside. That’s really distracting so please stop doing that.
Reita: And you (Kai) too!.
Kai: Err, I am sorry. (sweat)
Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
Ruki: The question is asked through the editor, right.
Sure, what are you scared of? (smile)
※Extra – Uruha’s expression: Taking off the sunglasses and staring at the members) [Scary!! ><]
Ruki: Uruha always acts like he is usual, especially to me and Reita, like we are some wired people. He said his style is “street casual”. And sometimes ago we are on the street in Shibuya, there is a villain said, “Hair! Long.” I want to know what did Uruha think at that time. And where does his moral of “big brother” come form?
Uruha: Isn’t that …good? (get serious suddenly)
Ruki: Well, if he think so. I am just curious of that.
Kai: Uruha is too self-confident. He once said himself looks like imai tsubasa (今井翼) or takizawa kun(滝沢秀明). I want to know where does he think he looks like them?
Uruha: Kai doesn’t understand me much. What is the problem to look like them? My sister said my hair style looks like takki(滝沢) before, and I was really happy about that.
Kai: Ah, I got it then, you mean hair style. I can understand that. My question is cleared, next please. (smile)
Reita: Mine is similar to Ruki’s. In winter, I wore my favorite jacket which I brought earlier, but Uruha didn’t want to walk with me on the street. It’s liked he thought himself is the usual one and looked at me like some weirdo. Didn’t he want to go out with me for just a while?
Uruha: But that’s a jacket with a green skull! Can I really walk with him? [This explained you must be cool enough to be the member of Gazette……XD]
Reita: That’s why I took it off.
Ruki: didn’t you still wore it before?
Reita: Not this winter. I want to say something here. Please don’t pick on other people’s wearing.
Uruha: I got it. I won’t say that anymore.
Aoi: I want to know why Uruha likes to occupy the bed everytime when he stay overnight at people’s home?
Uruha: Because human beings are meant to sleep on the bed.
Aoi: Why does the owner of the bed has to sleep under the bed?
Uruha: I think the owner has his right over his property. The owner also has the right to tell me not to sleep on the bed when he doesn’t want me to. What is the problem of sleeping on the bed if you don’t tell me?
Aoi:…………Ok…I got it.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
Ruki: Scrupulous. He has high tension when everybody is around.[Japanese refer “tension” as vitality rather than nervousness.] If he says I am chiyu-kei[治癒系: Type of person that can comfort the others, their existence can make the other feel relax.], then I am his pet rolling on his bed. (laugh) And please bring me to somewhere fun more often like the old times.
Kai: No matter we are all there or it’s just the two of us, he is indomitable all the time. Both Uruha and me like playing games, he won’t stop until he finally win. And he won’t admit it if I win.
All: (laugh)
Reita: Uruha is the only one that can talk world affair with me, that’s the topic that the others won’t talk about. We talked about the war ardently some times before, and it changes into a malicious talk of the other members.
Ruki: Really?
Aoi: What’s that about?
Kai: Just as expected……(sweat)
Reita: That’s right. So you guys would better put a bug on us!
The atmosphere is embarrassed. (smile)
Reita: Okay, okay. Of course we wouldn’t say something like that, we love you guys so much.
Aoi: ??? Well, Anyway. When it’s just me and Uruha……
Ruki: There wasn’t times of just two of you right?
Aoi: Yeah(smirk). It’s only when we two practicing guitar. His eyes was so sparkling at that time.
What makes you feel cool of Uruha recently?
Ruki: He has been more attractive……
Hum? No more illustration?
Ruki: Because he looked terrified staring at me~~~(sweat)
Kai: He started calling me recently. He wouldn’t call me at all even about matters of the band before. But I saw more of his name on my call-in list currently, I am quite glad of that.
Reita: He will get mad at the pedestrians when he is driving, I hope he can stop behaving like that.
That’s not something cool at all. (smile)
Aoi: I always think he is stiff by observation. But he became more attractive and desirable on stage now. I won’t give in to him.

At last, please say a sentence to Uruha.
All: We love you.
Reita: We talked a lot of this and that, but those are all comments of love.
Ruki: We wouldn’t have said that much if we don’t love him indeed.
~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ * *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
hapines Uru I love u to in love
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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Sam Sept 13, 2008 5:07 am

Arena37C Special vol. 48 - Uruha 100 Q&A translation

01.The first thing you did when you got up this morning
Check the news on TV

02.What would be the colour of your mood today?

03.What did you do yesterday?
Pre-pro in the studio (TN: pre-pro = pre-production)

04.The most interesting thing lately?
Reita's original voice

05.Something you cried over recently?
I haven't cried in a while

06.Something that's be disturbing lately?
Rising Gas prices

07.Favourite movie
Terminator 2

08.Favourite Book(Including manga)
ソムリエール (Somurieeru) (TN: no idea xD;; )

09.How's your health?
Is the state of my nails (TN: actually not so sure about this ->Q: 健康のバロメーターは/ A:爪の状態)

10.What do you do to keep yourself healthy?
Eat vegetables

11.What season do you like?

12.Please tell us something you're proud of
My hands are big

13.Favourite place to relax?
BAR (TN: LOL, why am I somehow not surprised? xDD)

14.What animal do you like?

15.What animal do you compare yourself to?

16.A hero you admired when you were a child
Ihara from the Yokohama Marinos (TN: Ihara Masami-井原正巳- is a now-retired football player)

17.What was usually written on your report card?
A good kid

18.What was an important toy in your childhood?

19.What do you treasure now?

20.Anime/manga you like

21.Is there an anime (manga) character you'd want to be?
Goku (Dragonball)

22.Food you like

23.Food you hate

24.Something you haven't been thinking about lately
Prison Break Season 3

25.What reminds you of summer?

26.Memorable times during the summer holidays
Soccer club

27.If you had a day off, what would you do?
Nabe party (TN: nabe = hotpot)

28.If you had a month off, what would you do?
Go on a short trip

29.If you had a year off, what would you do?
Job hunt

30.Your charm point?
Middle finger

31.Strong point
My pace

32.Weak point
My pace!

33.Special skill
Nice pace!!

34.A dish you're proud of?

35.3 CD's you'd have with you on a deserted island would be?
3 CD-R (TN: lol 3 recordable cds xD)

36.A sport you'd like to do right now

37.An ideal cool guy
Someone with a lot of skills

38.Cute thing about girls
Their pretty smiling faces

39.A street/area you like

40.A country you'd like to go to

41.Average hours of sleep
6 hours

42.A dream that left an impression
A dream where a live started and I couldn't remember one of the songs

43.Ideal hours of of sleep
14 hours

44.Your recent obsession?

45.What do you always have with you?
FRISK (TN: I believe they're mints of some sort)

46.A brand you like

47.A perfume you like
Anything with a good smell is OK

48.What makes you nervous?
Times when I'm in situations I'm not used to

49.Your weakness?
A lot, I don't know

50.World News that you're most concerned with right now?
Olympics in Beijing
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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Sam Sept 13, 2008 5:08 am

51.We're halfway through this questionnaire, how do you feel right now?
Up till now, it's been over 3 hours. I'll do my best. (TN: lol this took me just about 3 hours to translate xD well..more if you include the time it took to rewrite the whole thing xD;; )

52.What did you write on a card for July 7th?
July 7th is the best! (TN: July 7th = Tanabata Festival in Japan)

53.What's your cellphone ringtone?
Piroro Pirorin♪ 

54.What's your cellphone waiting screen?
the GazettE

55.What game do you like?

56.A feeling (as in touch) you like?
Fusa Fusa (TN: sound for soft hair in Japanese)

57.A feeling (as in touch) you don't like?
beto (TN: sound for sticky things in Japanese)

58.A person you respect?

59.Something you did when you were worried?
Just let it pass

60.A hairstyle you'd like to try
Afro (TN: *rotflol* Uruha with an afro xD *cracks*)

61.In rock-paper-scissors, what do you usually throw out?

62.A flower you like
Green plants

63.A hiragana character you like
ゆ (yu)

64.A 4-character phrase you like

65.At your last dinner, what did you want to eat?
I don't think I had an appetite to eat

66.Something you really want right now
Winter holidays

67.Something you often played with as a child
Playing with fire (TN: he wrote 火遊び, which I got as either playing with "fire" or "love")

68.What was something you often collected as a child?
J-League Chips Cards

69.If you weren't a guitarist、What would you be doing about now?

70.If you had a time machine, what time period would you go to and what would you do there?
I'd go to the future to see the future of the world

71.When you're most nervous?

72.What is the most crowded time?

73.How many push-ups can you do?

74.How many sit-ups can you do?

75.When you are happiest?
After I'm tired from a glass of wine

76.You were just humming a song, what was it?
Now, It's a song I'm making-up inside my head

77.Your favourite motto?

78.Are you a light sleeper or a heavy one?

79.What's the best scenery you've seen up till now?

80.The first CD you bought?
If I remember correctly it was B’z『RISKY』

81.First live you saw?
My senpai's live

82.The first artist you copied a song from
Mr.Children「innocent world」

83.Your favourite artist right now?

84.On a day off during a tour what do you do?

85.If you could relive one day of your childhood?
I'd be excited

86.If you were a girl for a day?
I'd try going to a beauty saloon/spa

87.If you could be invisible for a day?
I'd keep an eye on traffic accidents

88.If you could be another member for a day, who would it be and what would you do?
I'd be Reita and ride his bike (TN: LOL)

89.How many points would you give yourself right now and why?
0 Points Because I can't evaluate myself

90.Please ask yourself a question
Are you sleepy right now?

91.Please answer that question
I'm sleepy

92.What part do you wash when you take a day off?
My head

93.A kanji character you like
極 (TN: "goku" it means either "pole" or "extreme/climax/zenith etc.")

94.The source of your energy?

95.An actor you like
John Travolta

96.What yukata obi/belt would you want a girl to wear?
A black type

97.Say something to the world

98.Say something to the members
Do your best!!

99.Say something to the fans
Thank you as always!!

100.This long Q&A is over. What do you say?
Let's write more!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:31 am

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 4itati realina dolga no ladna shias budet veseleiii!!! fuck
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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:34 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:36 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:38 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:52 am

u uruhi haroshae 4uvstva iumara!!!! shia sami uvidete!!!!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Uruha   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:52 am

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