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MesajSubiect: Ruki.   Joi Aug 07, 2008 1:12 pm

Real name: Matsumoto Takanori
Position: Vocals
Birthday: 1-02-1982
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Blood Type: B
Height: 162cm
Piercings: 5 on the right ear
Colors: purple, red, black, silver
Hobbies: shopping, rental
Brand: Pink Dragon
Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol Light [stopped smoking]
Family: Parents, older brother
Animals: dog [chihuahuas], cat
Ring size: 17 (middle finger)
Favorite brand: PINK DRAGON, THE GAMBLER$, Anticlass, Creamsoda, Rude gallery
Favorite drink: Kirin Koiwai Apple
Perfume: CO2
Piercings: 5 right ear
Favorite type: cute, wonderful
Disliked type: stupid, dingy
Previous Bands: Mikoto, Ma'die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose

[[Random Facts]]
+loves to rent and buy movies
+used to smoke Marlboro Mental Light and Salem Pianissimo before he quit
+wanted to be a fireman as a kid
+loves spaghetti, hates strawberries and peppers
+collects hats, patterned shirts and colored/weird sunglasses
+used to work in a restaurant called the Royal Host and in another one called Denny’s
+favorite season: winter (gives him inspiration)
+PJs: football-outfit
+eyesight is 0.01
+shoesize 25.5 cm/10.03 inches

aici puteti posta pareri, informatii sau pe scurt tot ce are legatura cu ruki(inafara de prea multe imagini, pentru asta cred ca exista topicu cu imagini)
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Mesaje : 420
Data de înscriere : 11/05/2008
Varsta : 27
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Vin Sept 12, 2008 9:37 am

Some Facts:

- Ruki has a herniated disc in his spine. In childhood it wasn't painful but when he became older (first year of high school) it started to bothered him so he had it to be operated.

- Ruki is nervous. He likes to argue. Though in interview he often keeps silent and looks tense.

- Ruki has a tense relationships with his parents. He can't apologized personally to them, he writes letters to them.

- His hobby is shoping (shopping-to-death)

- His place of living is usually very clean and tidy, looks like temple and smells incense.

- Ruki was a drummer for one of his previous band.

It tells about Ruki with a member.

What is your first impression of Ruki?
Reita: When I first met him, I thought he is a vivid rocker. It would be fun to form a band with him. But actually he is someone inconsistent. Once when we had performance with the other band, I asked him “let’s go home together today?”. Although he answered “Fine!” but when we found him he was all surrounded by fans. And we can just……May be he just couldn’t keep his promise.
※Extra – Ruki’s expression: “That’s because……” said a nervous Ruki. Reita ignoring him.
Kai: I met him in a live house when having a bands companionship. We didn’t have a word before at all but he just lent his equipments to me. He’s really a nice guy was my first impression of him.
Ruki was still a drummer at that time?
Kai: Yes.
Uruha: I really don’t remember. In my memory, I was interested in Ruki’s band vocalist. And after that the vocalist told us their drummer want to have some words with us. And I was like “Ohhhh, that guy!” (laugh)
Aoi: I first met him in studio. He suddenly came shake my hands and didn’t get shy at all. I thought may be he would be someone big in the future. But I don’t remember anything else other than shaking hands.

What are Ruki’s strong and weak points?
Reita: The good point is he has good sense of whatever he is doing. It is fun to have him around. He will cheer the others up around and have lots of more than necessary to speak……But he manage to merge into the atmosphere’s tension as a whole. The bad point is he really is a BAKA[バカ=idiot]. Clumsy in speaking. And messed up the other’s house……
※Extra – Ruki’s expression: I didn’t mess up you house!
Kai: The good point is he has curiosity in everything. I think it’s good to have a try in anything new. The bad point is he has too many to speak. Sometimes I really want him to be quiet for a moment (laugh). I was half serious but Ruki just thought I was joking and kept on talking. (laugh)
Uruha: The good point is he is very intimate with the others and that’s the lovely place he has. It’s just like he doesn’t know what the worldliness is. And he is the “heart” and “brain” of the GazettE. And we are brothers, we all respected him so much. The bad point is he likes shirking. It’s like he will act as an ostrich when there is difficulties.
※Extra – Ruki’s expression: Looked like he want to run away from there.
Kai: Ruki, that’s of no use. It’s over once you’re in that zone. You can’t escape just by running away. (laugh)
Aoi: The good point is he has the most knowledge of music in the GazettE. But in this two years we have been working together, we always help to move out the equipments from the van. I just saw Ruki lead off shifting stuffs about three times in these two years. Every time is Kai who moving in and out very diligently. With the same B-blood type, there are still some differences between them.
Uruha: He doesn’t have that voltage at all!
※Extra – Ruki’s expression: Dumb……

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!”that you want to tell Ruki?
Reita: Please stop making up unreasonable lies. Once it was the meeting time already but Ruki still wasn’t here yet, I thought he was still sleeping so I just called and asked “Where are you?”. And he said “I am on the train now”, but it’s so quiet around that it didn’t sound like he is on one. The time didn’t match too. It’s okay to tell where is he now honestly. Please don’t making up bad lies.
Kai: In my circumstances for example, he’d asked me to give him a cigarette, but I usually found it was all gone after that. Just tell me a word and I will give it to him.
Uruha: Once a time, Ruki asked me “may I stay overnight at yours” and I said okay. And I let my mum prepared for his coming. But he still didn’t get here in the midnight, so I called and asked “aren’t you coming?” and he said “I am on my way.” So I just kept waiting, but the bell didn’t ring at all that day. (bitterly smile)
Reita: Poor Uruha~~~~
※Extra – Ruki’s expression: “That’s SOOOO long ago……” murmuring to himself.
Aoi: I felt the same. He said “give me a cigarette” and it would all gone.
※Extra – Ruki’s expression: “I am so sorry.” And nodding his apologies.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
Reita: I want to know why is he being so nice to me.
How nice is it?
Reita: I usually will take off my coat when I arrive at his home and he will take care of it for me. He will even hang it up with a hanger. May be he just want to make his house dirty? But I’d like to marry Ruki if he kept on doing all those tiny kind things. (laugh)
Ruki: What? No way, it’s just because you wanna got marry? (laugh)
Kai: It’d became weird if you speak too much, Ruki. You’d get into that zone again……
Did you really help taking care of the colthes?
Ruki: Yes.
You will do the same to the other members?
Ruki: Yes. I just don’t like putting things around undisciplined in the house.
Reita: I want to add supplement! Ruki will do that in his house ONLY. He put things all around in the other’s house and on the moving van.
Ruki: I can say anything in this corner now?
Ruki: I didn’t mess up there. (angry)
Reita: He got angry now……
Kai: Although I am bullied by everyone, but why must you hit me by the hand with rings on?
Ruki: It’s just by chance that I hit you with my rings on.
Reita: I felt it pain too! Please be measured.
Ruki: Really? Aren’t you joking with me?
Kai: It really hurts. (seriously)
Ruki: I know it hurts with rings. But you seemed happy with it, so I just kept doing that thinking it should hurt. (laugh) [Somehow sound likes SM to me……]
Is that so? (smirk) So what about Uruha?
Uruha: Don’t you value your property so much? Why would you forgot your purse in the convenience store?
Ruki: You said something happened long ago again.
Uruha: I still have your stuff in my car.
Ruki: Hat?
Uruha: Not just that. I think I have a few punk CD there? And clothes and shoes. I put them all in a trunk.
Please answer this, Ruki.
Ruki: I forget things very easily. (bitterly smile) But that’s still something long ago already.
Aoi: Then why do you always stop singing before the solo in rehearsals? Every time I am about to start playing the solo……He just sings when he feels like it…… Are you thinking it is end already?
Ruki: I am used to stop when the music dies, that’s the reason.
Aoi: But what about rehearsal is, you have to check with the sound of solo, isn’t it?
Ruki: I am just out of control. (laugh) I will notice on that from now on.
Aoi: Please, I’ll count on you. (smile)

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
Reita: He will help picking up my things when I am lost in trance. He even won’t complain about a word of his feeling. And our stomach have the same timing. I am so happy that every time I visit his house he will cook something for me to eat.
Kai: He is even much more tender than everyone’s around. May be he is just shy with all of us here. But when it’s just two of us, it’s like “Wow! Is that true of such a attentive Ruki?”
Uruha: I think he is chiyu-kei [sees reference in Uruha’s section. Ruki did response to his words here] to me. When he came staying at my house, it’s chiyu enough to see him sleep rowing on my bed.
Reita: Lovely kid.
Kai: He is just someone recalling of the other’s maternity?
Aoi: I feel the same with the others. He is so much more gentle and somehow cute. Of course he is cool being as our “head”, that’s very respectable, too.

What makes you feel cool of Ruki recently?
Reita: I was surprised that he brought his own equipment (mike). He always seems unconcerned with the equipments. And he just walking around with his personal notebook in hands, doing the design skillfully, that’s very surprising too.
Kai: Personally, he starts to understand me more of my feelings.
Uruha: I became lonely……We used to hang out a lot before. And we had lots of topics to talk about before. May he lost the interest in me?
Aoi: Recently, he has been doing well on the MC[speeches between songs]. He could speak on and on for an hour in the MC before.

At last, please say a sentence to Ruki.
Reita: We all like you. No one will ever dislike Ruki.
Aoi: If someone hates Ruki I will just XXXXX him!
Uruha: The one who hate Ruki will just make us all of his enemies.
Kai: That’s right. We will take care of you!
Reita: Last time Ruki said he want to see my mail, so I just let him. And there was mail of me between Uruha which has Ruki’s name on it. He was froze with a “Huh” and he face just softened when he understand that we didn’t say any malicious of him. (laugh)
Uruha: That must be chiyu as well.
Reita: Who will be such a BAGA to leave the evidences behind? (laugh)
Ruki: What’s that mean?!
Reita: We love Ruki!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Sam Sept 13, 2008 5:05 am

Neo Genesis Vol.23 - Ruki Interview Part 2 : Love

- There are a lot of questions I have to ask you concerning love, so yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

I think my answers might be different from before. So I'll get criticized for being inconsistent (laugh)

- Then let's accept that and get going!

Come on!

- (laugh) First, do you think love and people's blood types have anything to do with each other?

(Firmly) I do. I don't know which types go together well, though. But I do know that I'm a B type, so I go well with O type girls. Because O type girls seem to all have things in common.

- Like what?

Deep jealousy. But not a lot of them are silently jealous.

- So they scream?

Yeah. There are a lot of people who keep screaming and have heavy jealousy. They're also very grounded.

- What do you mean grounded?

It's hard to get them worked up but then hard to get them disinterested.

- So that's called grounded, huh.

It's like they'll keep going even to the bottom of hell.

- Are O types really like that...?

Of course you can't say that for everyone, but if they have a little bit of A blood mixed in, there are a lot of people like that.

- So you're compatible with people like that?

Well, there's just a better chance with O types. But the breaking up would be even more dangerous.

- What kind of relationship would that be (laugh)

It's the most dangerous. O types and B types go well together, but for me who's a B type, it's easy for me to lose interest in O type girls.

- But it's also easy for you to fall in love, right?

Yes....Ah~ But even if it's not with an O type I easily lose interest.

- Doesn't that mean you're just a guy who loses interest easily (laugh). So, what about two B types together?

It won't work. It would be difficult because neither of us would give in. But A types are the most hopeless.

- There are a lot of A type girls who say they don't like B type guys as well.

If I was told that, I would want to give them a body blow (laugh)

- What about AB types?

Out of the question.

- (bursts out laughing)

But I've gone out with different types of people. O types as well as A, B, and AB.

- It's like you're a department store (laugh). Then, the next question. What part of a girl do you look at first?

Honestly, the face. First I look at her face, but what I think is most important is if she's family-oriented.

- You can tell that by looking?

No. If she looks at a cookbook and says "I can't do this you know?", so she can't cook but in a kind of cute way, that's fine. But if she still makes it, like "Of course I can", that's a body blow. Though I would never say it tasted bad. Also, it's important whether or not she can cook a diet menu. And if she can take care of me if I get sick.

- Sympathetic, huh

Yes....I think I just now started wanting kindness like that.

- You didn't before?

Before now I thought that if she's cute I'll forgive anything, but that might be wrong.

- That's still pretty harsh, though

I'll get turned off by one face they make while sleeping, or kissing. Of course I know there's no helping it because they're human, but I don't like it if they have a bad sleeping position. If I could pick, I would want them to sleep curled up in a little ball.

- Even more conditions, huh.

Also, if she wears the same clothes as me two times in one week, that won't work.

- So you would want her to pick up on that, then.

Also, a girl who goes out without makeup on. If we went out together after that, wouldn't it cause trouble.

- (laugh) But for most of these things, other than face and clothes, you won't know unless you go out first.

No, no, no. Of course not.

- Eh, what do you mean? You won't know unless you try, right?

No, I wouldn't try first or anything. Though there are times when I have.

- (laugh) !

Well, I'm an adult already, but there are times when love starts that way. But what I was just talking about isn't all that important. What's most important is if they have a dream or not. I think that I really do like people who are working hard toward something.

- You finally got serious, huh.

What I've disliked the most so far is a girl who takes off work for me.

- Yes, that isn't good. Reversely, I would also hate it if my boyfriend took off work for me.

You would, right? Since work is work, I would want them to be aware of that. And a girl who sleeps in would really irritate me.

- Though it seems like the manager is the one getting irritated over there?

Well, yeah, I also sleep in (bitter laugh). But wouldn't it be weird if I was the one waking her up? Like, "Ne~ Don't you need to go to work--"

- I wouldn't want to see Ruki like that (laugh) But I guess it's just that whoever goes out with you is going to have it tough.

Because I'm still in the middle of looking for love.

- Have you ever fallen in love with two people at the same time?

If you read my lyrics I think you'll understand, but there are a lot of people who cheat, right? Because I'm not writing stuff I made up.

- Heh! So it has happened.

But it's impossible for me to love two people at once. If I have a girlfriend, but started being interested in someone else, I would just go that way.

- That's not cheating, it's just a change of heart isn't it.

Yes. So it's not loving two people at once or cheating. It's cut in, cut out.

- I see. But aren't there a lot of guys who carry their past loves with them?

No, I don't do that. I might carry around a past unrequited love, but I quickly forget about past relationships.

- Have you ever thought, "That was a great relationship" or anything?

I you want to hear?

- Please tell me.

My high school girlfriend and I broke up because I cheated.

- ..........?

Damn, I have cheated!

- (laugh) !

Then once I lost her I understood. Like, "Ahh, that was a great girl".

- So you're not carrying it around, it just remains as a beautiful memory.

That's right. There are a few times when I've realized, "Now that I think about it, that was a great person". So that would be telling a lie when you break up.

- "GENTLE LIE", huh.

Yes. The last message I got from her said, "I was really happy when we were together. Thank you." I was like, "Nooo, you're totally pissed off, right?"

- (laugh) But I don't think getting angry would mean that she hated you.

I guess that's true...

- Then, what would you do if you and your friend both liked the same person?

It's never happened, but if it did, I would ask my friend if he liked her or not. Then if he said he did, I would give her up.

- Hehh

I put my friends first. No matter how much I love someone.

- Friendship first, huh.
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Sam Sept 13, 2008 5:05 am

Of course. Because I hate men or women who pick love over friendship.

- You're finally sounding more like a guy.

No, I'm always guyish (laugh)

- Next, do you have any secret techniques to capture a woman's heart?

That would probably start having to do with blood types again (laugh). But depending on what she said in a message or something, I can tell what she's trying to say. So as for messages, I would reply in an adult-like way. I wouldn't say anything that would make her mad.

- That's considerate. Then, what would you do to make the girl you like say "I love you"?

In the past I would call her and ask, "Do you like anyone?". But now I would try to make her jealous. I'd purposely look at other girls and be like, "Ah, that girl is really cute". Then she would go "Idiot! (jealous)". Like that?

- (laugh) That's pretty realistic.

But recently, I've been able to say it myself. More like Westerners do.

- So "I Love You"?

Though I wouldn't say it forcefully or anything. I would actually be pretty serious about it. Like, "Hey, sit down for a second......let's have some tea, too", pretty calmly. "Onegaishimasu" kind of thing.

- You'd do it properly, huh.

Of course. Then I would aim for silence. ........What the heck am I talking about?

- (laugh) I guess that you want to clearly express your feelings.

Compared to before, I think I've stopped bargaining so much when it comes to love.

- So it's better to confess honestly?

I think so. Well, depending on the circumstances.

- When you confess, or when you give presents, are you the type to set things up romantically? Like hiding a ring somewhere and aiming for surprise?

Ah, I do.

- You do, huh (laugh)

I'm pretty casual about it, though. For example, even if I was off that day I would say, "I have to work today~", and pretend like there was no way I had a present or anything prepared. Then, later on when we're getting ready for bed, I would take it out from beside the bed and be like, "Here", and throw it at her. Like, "I did it, you idiot".

- (laugh) It seems like there's some shyness too~ But wouldn't she still be happy after that, thinking "Ah, he did remember!"

Like, "Eh, what~?". ....If she said that it would piss me off.

- What, why (laugh) !

Whenever I give her a present, whether she cries or not decides whether I lose interest or not.

- Eh, so it's not good if she doesn't cry?

Even if she doesn't cry, I would just want her to be happy about it. Because there actually are people who would say, "Eh~ Something brand name would have been better~".

- That really is the worst.

Rather than something expensive, a letter, or...let's see...a hand-made scarf a guy made would have more feeling to it, wouldn't it. If they actually made one it would be pretty creepy, though.

- It's just an example, though

A girl I know apparently did just get a letter. Then she said, "I wanted something else". That's so unbelieveable....I wouldn't have expected anything, but isn't it nice just getting a letter?

- Or if they said, "I don't really like this brand~"
The day someone says that, I wouldn't be satisfied with just a body blow. Well, I would probably think that I just didn't have an eye for women.

- So presents are there when you want to express your feelings, then.

You want to see them happy, don't you. That's all it takes to make a guy happy. Yeah, it's love~

- Who are you trying to be (laugh)

It's wonderful~

- Then, the next question. Is there anything you think girls shouldn't say to a guy?

First, vulgar words are out of the question. That's the biggest thing. Also, if I was dating an older girl and she said, "Even though you're younger...", or if she was younger and said, "Even though you're older...". I wouldn't want her to say things that separate us like that.

- That's right. Going out means that you're equal, doesn't it.

Yes. Age doesn't matter at all. If she said that to me, I would respond like an adult.

- In what way?

A written complaint (laugh)

- So what about "Even though you're a guy"?

That's the same thing. I wouldn't like someone who holds that ladies first flag. For guys, even if we aren't told things like that, we'll still support the person we love. I wouldn't say things without delicacy, and I still want to protect her. But if a cockroach popped out I would call the manager.

- (laugh)

If it was just us and there was a cockroach, and it became a "What should we do? Run?" situation, then she said "Eh, but aren't you a guy?", I would close down. Like, "Well I am human". When people say "Even though you're a guy" or "Even though you're a girl", it just widens the gap between men and women.

- Another letter of complaint, huh

It means, "Let's meet in the courtroom".

- So what do you think is essential to loving someone?

I really think it's compassion. If you love that person you won't hurt them, and if you don't like being told something, you won't say it to them. I think it all depends on that. I would definitely say it to the person I like. "Don't say things to people that you don't like being told yourself". Also to not do something to someone that you wouldn't like being done to yourself. If there wasn't that kind of compassion, everything would be over. For example, if my girlfriend wanted to go out drinking with her guy friends and I said, "Okay, then I'll go with my girl friends", it wouldn't make sense if she said no.

- So basically you should think about the other person's feelings, huh. Your first priority should be to not make the person you love sad.

Right? You should think of that first....or that's what I've been taught.

- Regarding love, is it essential for your values and interests to be similar?

It's not essential. Because everyone is different. For instance, if we were watching the news and I asked her what she thought about an event so we could exchange opinions, and our values were different, I wouldn't care.

- Because it can be a lot more exciting if you have different values.

Yeah. I prefer them being different.

- But if you live together it might get difficult.

If she came over to my house, saw the interior and said, "I don't like this", then I would close down. I would think, "It's my house!". So if I lived with someone who had different interests, we would have different rooms. And we would talk about what to do with the living area.

- Then, if a girl you had no interest in said she liked you, what sign would you give her to show that you weren't interested?

I'd avoid the subject. Because you can tell by the atmosphere if you're about to be confessed to, right? If they become quiet for a second or something.

- I understand, yes.

At that time, when they start saying, "You know...", I would go, (holding stomach) "Owww!"

- (laugh) My stomach....kind of thing?

Yes, yes (laugh). That might really work.

- That could work!

And if I got a message saying, "I have something to tell you", I wouldn't reply. I would wait about two weeks.

- I guess there's nothing else to do, huh

Because I don't want to. Before hurting or not hurting them, I would hate myself for refusing when someone confessed to me.

- That's true, it is hard turning someone down.

Even though I feel like "Ah~ It's not like that!".

- But I'd feel bad for them if I said that.

I'd try my best not to say it. But if it turned into that situation, I would properly tell them, "I'm sorry".

- Yes. Then, next, do you feel that there is something beautiful in a love that never came to anything?

I do. There was one girl I liked. No matter how I think about it, I should have dated her. But at the time I just thought, "I want to be spoiled by a cute girl like this!". Those feelings got in the way, and before I knew it she was gone.

- "I was so stupid"

And then's still buried in the back of my mind as something beautiful.

- That's a nice story....When you're in love, everything seems to shine, doesn't it.

It does~ The way I talk even changes.

- So you get really cheerful

But that kind of thing actually wouldn't affect my lyrics. I still have more depressing kinds of lyrics.

- You write more about sad or painful things?

For me, those are good things. I'm glad I don't write about really happy things.

- Next, what do you think of continuing to think about one girl?

I think it's wonderful.

- Has that happened to you recently?

That's never happened to me.

- It hasn't, but...?

It hasn't, but....wait, what are trying to get me to say (laugh) Is this a leading question?

- Does it seem like an interrogation room?

Like, "I want to eat katsudon!"

- (laugh) Then?

But I'm jealous of people who wholeheartedly just think of one person. When I see a guy like that, I think the girl must be really great.

- So is it possible that you would become earnest in that way if you found a girl like that?

Of course it is. Because couldn't she then be the person I marry? Though I don't have any wishes to get married. But I do think that continuing to think of one person is wonderful. In order for that to happen, I would want to date a girl who I can talk about our future dreams with. To get married, live in this kind of house, have a dog, how many kids we want, with cool names....that kind of thing. If I could talk about those things with her I would start thinking, "I wonder if she's the one?".

- I see....

I want to be able to relax, after all.

- I think whether or not anyone is able to relax depends on you, though.

Hahaha! It does depend on me, but I can't control what's in my head.

- What was your result on the "Brain maker" that was popular a while ago?

It was "want".

- (laugh) !

Also, "food"

- So with that, here is the last question. What would your perfect relationship be like?

We could talk about anything, be able to fight, and make up after we fought, and we would think the same things are cute. For instance if it was a kid or a dog.

- Being moved by the same things is pretty important, huh

I think so. It's fine even if our values are different, but I would want our feelings to be the same. If I meet that kind of person....I might be able to continue wholeheartedly thinking about them.

- So at the end you've been able to calm down beautifully. I had my doubts at first.

At first I was talking about how I was before, in the past.

- You should emphasize that.

The adult-like me during the last half is how I am now. I'm really inconsistent, but I can't help that.

- So you're still like a little kid, huh

I'm still on active duty

- "Active duty" (laugh). So if you weren't you would get married, then?

It's like, if you become an eternally immortal person (by Nagashima Shigeo), you can write your name in my family registry, kinda thing.

- What's with that superior attitude!

No, if my partner became someone like that, it would be like, "Let's play catch together" (proposal)

credit to: astraphile on LJ
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Sam Sept 13, 2008 5:06 am

ii kam multe de citit...dar pt mine a fost really interesting..deh..vedeti voi..X)
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Lun Ian 05, 2009 2:47 pm

eu consider ca nui necesitatea ca in topegul cu Ruki (si cu ceilalti, of course) sa fie numa biografie sh informatie.... eu vreu sa aud pareri, sa mio expun pe a mea (care deja o stiti xD), sa discutam pe micutsul vokalist x)))
RUKI!!!!!!!!! MARRY ME~ kawaii

PS. sper sa mai intre cineva p'aici x)))

Posted by Shadow28' broken heart
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Vin Feb 06, 2009 7:59 am


esti tu??????????? wtf
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:07 am

daaaaaaaaaaa ruki e unol din preferatsii mei il adrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:11 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:14 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:22 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:23 am

ia liubliu Ruki!!!!!!!
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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:24 am

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MesajSubiect: Re: Ruki.   Mar Feb 02, 2010 1:25 am

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